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Women's Weight Loss Program Item Code: 7211-1


  • 3 Vanilla MRP, Block'n Burn, Dfense
  • 3 Chocolate MRP, Block'n Burn, Dfense
  • 2 Vanilla MRP, 1Chocolate MRP, Block'n Burn, Dfense
  • 1 Vanilla MRP, 2 Chocolate MRP, Block'n Burn, Dfense

Product Description

Jump Start Program for Women is one of the easiest and most effective Balanced Nutritional Programs available on the market today. By providing your body with the daily requirements of proteins, minerals, vitamins and natural enzymes you will not only lose weight, but you'll also feel great! Lose weight, strengthen your health, restore your muscle tone and feel satisfied!

Contains WellnessPro Balanced Nutrition meal replacement 3 shakes for Women, 1 Block N Burn and 1 Dfense.

  • 45 balanced nutrition complete meals
  • ​Block N Burn and Defense can last up to a month
  • Assists in weight loss and speeds up metabolism

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