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Men's Chocolate Shake Item Code: 1102


Product Description

The most advanced meal replacement ever developed specially for Men. Recognizes the

specifics of the man’s body and satisfies needs in nutrients and essential vitamins.

Contains proprietary protein blend and patented enzyme systems that maximizes protein

absorption and restores muscle tissues.

Provides a healthy meal for athletes.

- Helps build lean muscle mass and strength

- Offers fast and easy weight-loss program

- Maintains and strengthens men`s health

- One serving provides 20g of the essential and fully digestible proteins

- Boosts healthy energy and endurance

Gluten Free. Non GMO. No wheat.


Blend 2 scoops (32g) of WellnessPro Balanced Nutrition for Men with 8 fl. oz. in cold water

or nonfat milk and enjoy! Increase or decrease the amount of liquid to achieve desired

consistency. Drink two shakes per day for best results.

Take in the morning or mid-afternoon to help satisfy your hunger cravings and to meet your

daily nutrient requirements.

For Weight Loss: Replace two meals a day with a delicious WellnessPro Shake to help

meeting your calorie goals. Combine meal replacement powder with lower calorie liquids,

such as skim milk, or just use water.

To Gain Muscle Mass: Add higher calorie foods or liquids, such as peanut butter, 1-2%

milk, and fruit juices to your shake.

Immediately After Exercising: Our meal replacement make an excellent post-workout

shake by providing fast digesting proteins for immediate muscle support and slow digesting

proteins for extended amino acid delivery and recovery.

In Between Meals: Keeps levels of amino acids elevated to prevent muscle loss.

Before Bed: The high content of slow-digesting proteins makes it a perfect before-bed

supplement as it provides “time-released” amino acid delivery to your body while you sleep.

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