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Weight Loss Starter Pack for Women Item Code: 4201-1


  • 1 Women's Vanilla MRP, 1 Block n Burn, 1 Dfense
  • 1 Women's Chocolate MRP, 1 Block n Burn, 1 Dfense

Product Description

Dieting makes you feeling hungry, tired and unsatisfied? We hear you!
Try WellnessPro way by replacing 2 meals a day with delicious meal replacement shake designed specially for women. Packed with right amounts of proteins, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fruit and vegetable extracts, it will help you achieve great physical shape while feeling your very best. Supplement your shakes with detoxifying daily cleanse with probiotics and our exclusive carb blocker to restore digestion, speed up metabolism, and control appetite throughout the day. Get plenty of water, get moving and see those pounds rolling off you! You'll be a WellnessPro convert in no time.

100% ecologically clean. No GMOs, yeast or gluten.

15 complete meals.

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