International Seal of Approval

We never settle for second best. It’s why we use the latest technology to ensure our products meet the highest international standards. Here is a short list of what we do and whey we check it twice.

First at the ingredient level and all the way to the final product level. We want to ensure you know you’ll get the same, consistent quality every time you use our products.

  • Chelate Technology – your body takes in food, then your cells take in its nutrients. this makes sure your cells absorb as many nutrients as possible.
  • Cold-Processing Technology – most people boil river water before drinking it so they can remove its impurities. same idea here. except we want the purities in our ingredients. so we take the boiling point down about 100ј to keep nutrients in our products, and in your body.
  • Quality Ingredient Technology – no such thing? sure there is. If technology is the practical application of knowledge, we’re practically applying that things taste and feel better when they’re 100% natural and ecologically clean. that’s why you won’t find any artificial colors, flavors or genetic modifications in our products.